Monday, November 7, 2016


    My first encounter with elections was in 1971 when I ran for secretary of my class in high school. Not being the popular kid, I lost to another girl. I think I wanted to be secretary because I thought i could write alot and take good notes. Haha. But it was an experience that I thought I never wanted to do again. Later in life, I did run for school board 3 times and won each time. Proving that you can run for election and win not being the cool popular kid. That was a great experience and I served the school district for over 10 years. I have also collected political buttons from elections from Kennedy to Ross Perot and Pat Paulsen ( yes, I am that old! - He was on Laugh In in the 60's ). I love the whole process.

   Somewhere in there, I met a president. Richard Nixon had a wedding in Pasadena with his family and his helicopter flew in to La Canada at JPL. My whole family went to see him. I remember standing in what seemed like a receiving line to meet him and Pat and Trisha. It was awe inspiring. I thought that was one of the coolest moments in my life.

   Before I was 18, i dreamed of voting. My friend Shari Rogo worked on the George McGovern campaign in 1972    . I remember driving with her to pick up signs and volunteer in his office. I thought that was so cool. I wanted to do that. So I took government classes from Mr. Sogamonian in college and questioned the heck out of the system. I had to take his class for two semesters to even kind of understand the electoral college.

    When Obama ran the first time, I told my son and daughter to go and listen to him speak in Reno because they would always remember that moment in history and it would seal the deal for them to feel like they had a hand in electing our first African American president. I have also collected political buttons from elections from Kennedy to Ross Perot and Pat Paulsen ( yes, I am that old! - He was on Laugh In in the 60's ). I love the whole process. I always have and I feel a sense of pride  reading all the info about candidates and propositions, getting to vote, filling out the ballot, going to the polling places... all of it. Not this year. I dread tomorrow. I really do. I am scared, I am anxious, I afraid of what the outcome will be either way.

   So... I have created this little doodle to color for all of you to download. I hear that coloring is a good stress reliever. Print it out, pass it out, share it with the world.... calm down. Color! I tell myself no matter what happens... everything with be OK. Let's hope that is true. In the mean time. Your vote matters. Go vote. OK... that's as political as i get . Have fun and I promise my next blog entry will be a fun and creative one.

Here is the dropbox link to the VOTE coloring sheet. Click on it and print it out!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Handmade holidays

    Well, it's that time of year again for craft shows! So excited about this seasons show line up and all the goodies I've been designing to bring with me! If you can't make it and need a special personalized gift... message me and we'll work that put together! Happy holidays! See you at a show... I hope!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Starving artist sale starts 9.2.16!!!

Guess what starts tomorrow... Fruday, September 2nd? Well, I'll be 58 tomorrow and I need to clean my hoard. Starting with art.

This is a little seek peek. I have hundreds of pieces... Drawings, doodles, rubber stamps, art quilts, mixed media name it. So here's how it will work. 

1. My work will post first to my Instagram account. Follow me there at Lindsay Ann Ostrom. 

2. Not on Instagram? It will also post to my Facebook page in an album ditch the same title and photo above ( Lindsay's under the bed starving artist sale). 

3. Find a piece you like and email me at . Only emailed requests will be accepted. Email me your name, address, pay pal account info and the piece(s) you want. I will send you a pay pal invoice and you can pay from that.

4. Every purchase will come with a grab bag of not sale worthy pieces... Doodles, unfinished art, scribbles... Whatever. It's gotta go. So please support your favorite artist... Me! And check back often for new pieces.

5. All pieces will ship within a week after receipt of pay pal invoice.

Simple as pie

I will upload pieces every few days. So buy for you, but for a gift, Christmas is coming... So buy often. Every penny of your purchase will go to buy gas, milk and new undies for me❤️... Haha. Seiously. Thanks ahead of time. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Starving Artist Sale

Normally I do lots of boutiques and craft shows this time of year but this year, I have chosen to do a select few. I also realized that I have been pretty prolific with my creativity so I have a lot of fun things piling up. I store art in tubs under my bed. Needless to say, dust bunnies are becoming pets.... So, it's time for a sale. I will be posting lots of frameable Art, some finished journals, rubber stamps, art quilts and just about anything else I have made that is taking up precious space. My loss is your gain! Then, I can create new pieces....
So.... September first watch for a link to a Facebook file with everything listed. 

All you will do is...
1.add your name to the comment with the word "sold"
2.send me an email with your email so I can send you a paypal invoice 
3.wait for the invoice and pay it
4. Check your mailbox for some cute goodness 

I may or may not put things also in Etsy and do a periscope presentation of some favorite pieces with stories about them. So watch for that. I will add goodies as I find them so check back often.

Thanks for helping me clean out under my bed❤️❤️❤️

( new rubber stamp art I'm working on for impression obsession stamps)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

just not me, yet.....

   The best laid plans are still just that. Plans. I am drawing, creating and producing lots of pieces for my upcoming craft shows.... but i still don't feel like myself yet. All i really want to do is sit, watch the Olympics and draw - alone. That's totally not like me. I am not a loner, I am a people person. Ask my husband and my friends... the "B" word comes to mind when they speak of me lately.... I don't like that at all, but I also have no idea how to change it. 

 I have been working on alot of quotes lately that just seem to fit. I am really enjoying putting them onto signs and doing a little lettering practice just in black ink on white paper. This Positive Pants one is totally me right now. I am such a negative Nancy... that's part of my problem. How to get past it? Not sure. I keep thinking it's just time that might pass and I will be back. In the mean time... no one wants to be around and I can't say as I blame them. I don't even want to be around me... but that's hard to do...hahaha.

 So i thought i would put some goals for the rest of the year here in front of everyone, so that I hold myself to them. I really want my Friday's back so that  I can get my lettering class finished. I know alot of you are waiting for that and I am too. Fridays used to be my video taping day and now I need those and my weekends to help my folks. It's a harsh reality... but it just may not happen this year. Not sure. Other goals for the rest of 2016....

1. Finish my online lettering class and get it out there to you all.
2. Finish writing my lettering book
3. Get my etsy site back in shape
4. Figure out how to be kind and happy again
5. Dress for Success... i started this today. Dressing for success and maybe it might just find me. hahaha
 that's about it for now.... So, in the mean time, I am going to keep drawing stamps, art play paintables and my signs and quotes.... follow me on instagram ( i'm all about the art there and way less philisophical - haha.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Periscoping with Lindsay!

Sunday July 31st at 10am.... I will hosting a live show and tell of my new fall- Halloween and holiday stamps. You'll be able to email me and let me know what you would like to buy. First email received gets the stamp. I have only one of each! So watch and shop. All orders will be shipped next week. 

Email me at.

Tune in to see them all!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Netflix and nothing

It's Friday. The first Friday that I can remember for months that I have absolutely nothing to do. So what am I doing? Nothing. Lying around watching Netflix and contemplating what to do next. So I decided to do a blog post. 

I guess I started drawing this year when Brent was in the hospital and didn't stop until my mom got out of the hospital. I drew over two hundred images for Impression Obsession RubberStamps and over 100 images for Adornit. This week , Adornit released my new products. 

That are coming out... Shown above.
They always surprise me. I just draw and draw and never know what they have planned for it. They made two sweet little postcard books... Shown above.

They did six new art play Paintables. I love all of them so much. Cannot wait to color them. 

Drawing makes me happy right now. I have a bunch of new stamps to get done by August1st... But nothing is coming to me. So I sit and watch Netflix and hope something might come to mind....have a creative weekend.